Sauce for a Conie

Sauce for a Conie

This sauce (more like an "au jus") is a wonderful complement to roasted rabbit.

Country: France, England Century: 14-15th

Fry onions in butter. In a saucepan put all ingredients in and reduce to gravy like consistency.

Original Recipe Sources

Source [ The Good Housewife's Jewell , T. Dawson]: A sauce for a Conie. Cut Onions in rundels and frie them in butter, then put to them wine Vineger, salt, ginger, camomill and pepper, and a little suger, and let it boyle till it be good and fast, then serve it upon the conie.

Source [ Le Menagier de Paris , Janet Hinson (trans.)]: SAUCE FOR RABBIT OR FOR RIVER-BIRD OR FOR WOOD-DOVE. Fry onions in good oil, or mince them and put to cook in the dripping-pan with beef drippings, and do not add verjuice nor vinegar until boiling: and then add half verjuice half wine and a little vinegar, and pass the spices. Then take half wine half verjuice and a little vinegar, and put all in the dripping pan under the rabbit, dove or river-bird; and when they are cooked, boil the sauce, and have some bits of toasted bread and put in with the bird.