This recipe is one version of a chicken dish or two different variants. In this dish, the chicken is rose colored, in the other, it is rose flavored.**

Country: England Century: 15-16th

Cook chicken as desired (bake, pan fry, etc) and shred (a food processor or mixer works well). Make a gravy out of the almond milk and rice flour. Add the spices to the chicken and mix together. Add the gravy until the chicken has moistened. Serve (this dish serves very well chilled).

*The whole cloves in the dish can be a bit strange, unless you are using them as a garnish - you can substitute 1/2 tsp ground cloves to mix into the chicken, if desired.

**One of the versions of this recipe, > Rosee, has rose petals in it, so the introduction of rose flavor to this recipe is not inappropriate, but it is not essential.

Original Recipe Sources

Source [ Liber cure cocorum , Thomas Gloning (ed.)]: Rose. Take flour of ryse, as whyte as sylke, And hit welle, with almond mylke. Boyle hit tyl hit be chargyd, þenne Take braune of capone or elle of henne. Loke þou grynd hit wondur smalle, And sithen þou charge hit with alle. Coloure w ith alkenet, sawnder, or ellys with blode, Fors hit with clowes or macys gode. Seson hit with sugur grete plentþ, þis is a rose, as kokes telle me.

Source [ Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books , T. Austin (ed.)]: C - Roseye. Take Almaunde Mylke an flowre of Rys, and Sugre, an Safroun, an boyle hem y-fere; than take Red Rosys, an grynd fayre in a morter with Almaunde mylke; than take Loches, an toyle (Note: Rub, cover) hem withFlowre, an frye hem, and ley hem in dysshys; than take gode pouder, and do in the Sewe, and caste the Sewe a-bouyn the lochys, and serue forth.

Source [ A Noble Boke off Cookry , Robina Napier (ed.)]: To mak rose, tak flour of ryse and temper it with almond mylk and mak it chaungynge then tak the braun of capon or of henne sodyn and grind it and charge it ther with and colour it with sanders and blod and fors it with clowes and maces and sesson it with sugur and serue it.