This recipe is one version of a chicken dish or two different variants. In this dish, the chicken is rose flavored and sweetened with fruits, in the other it is rose colored.

Country: England Century: 14th

Cook chicken as desired (bake, pan fry, etc) and shred (a food processor or mixer works well). Make a gravy out of the almond milk and rice flour. Add the fruit and spices to the chicken and mix together. Add the gravy until the chicken has moistened. Serve chilled.

*The period recipes actually call for rose flour or ground up rose petals. It is possible to acquire and use it in the recipe, but for the sake of simplicity I opted to use rose water, which I had on hand.

Original Recipe Sources

Source [ Forme of Cury , Samuel Pegge (ed.)]: Rosee. XX.II. XII. Take thyk mylke as to fore welled. cast þerto sugur a gode porcioun pynes. Dates ymynced. canel. & powdour gynger and seeþ it, and alye it with flores of white Rosis, and flour of rys, cole it, salt it & messe it forth. If þou wilt in stede of Almaunde mylke, take swete cremes of kyne.

Source [ Forme of Cury , Samuel Pegge (ed.)]: .lj. Rosee. Tak thicke mylke as to fore wellid, cast therto suger a gode porcioun, pynes, dates, y mynced, canel & poudour ginger, & seeth hit & alye it with floures of roses white & flour of rys. cole hit, salt it, & messe hyt forth, yf thou wolt in stede of almaund mylk: tak swete cremes of kyne.