Quince Bread

Quince Bread

This torte-like recipe makes a great light and tasty snack.

Country: Germany Century: 16th

Boil quince, peel and puree. When quince is cool, add egg whites, and sugar. Mix together, adding the water a little bit at a time. Make wafers. To shape wafers cut when they are hot out of the iron. Spread a good amount (about 1/4" thick) of the quince spread on the wafers. Bake at 300°F for about 10 minutes, or until the quince becomes golden-brown.

Original Recipe Sources

Source [ Das Kuchbuch der Sabina Welserin , V. Armstrong (trans.)]: 205 How to make quince bread. Take two pratzamer of quinces and boil them in water so that they lie closely together. And when they are cooked, take them out, peel them cleanly and thoroughly and pass them through a hair sieve, until you have a little less than a half pound. And take two ounces of sugar. The sugar must be refined beforehand. For each pound of sugar take a quart of water and after that an egg white. And put the quinces into a large bowl and stir it around with a big wooden spoon for as long as a soft-boiled egg cooks. And after you have stirred it well, then put an egg white into it and stir it around as long as before. And when you have stirred it, then put two spoonfuls of refined sugar into it and prepare it each time as at the first. Continue until you have put into it five eggs and the stated amount of sugar, then take wafers cut into long strips and spread it on them, however you would have it. And lay them on a board and lay it on the oven. Be careful that the oven is not too hot. And when it begins to dry out on top, then put them on a board in back of the oven, until they have dried out. The sugar must stay in weak heat the entire time, so that it does not become cold. Then they are ready.