Payne Foundewe

Payne Foundewe

Payne Foundewe

This recipe for "molten" or "melted" bread is an easy (and delicious) bread pudding recipe, made on the stove.

Country: England Century: 14th

Lightly toast the bread (the original recipe says to fry it - you can toast it any way you wish). Meanwhile, beat the egg white into the wine. Add raisins, honey, sugar, and spices and set to simmer on the stovetop. Simmer until the raisins plump and you can mush them with you whisk or spoon. Add the toasted bread (you may need to break it in half). Smash the bread into the syrup and let sit until the bread absorbs all the liquid. Serve in a dish and sprinkle with coriander/sugar.*

*The recipe actually calls for coriander in comfit - sugar covered coriander seeds. The sprinkling of the coriander/sugar is must easier.

Original Recipe Sources

Source [ Fourme of Curye (Rylands MS 7) , D. Myers (transcr.)]: lviij. Payne foundewe. Tak brede & frye hit in grece other in oyle, tak it up & lay it in gode wyne, grynde it with raysouns, tak hony & do it in a pot & cast therinne gleyre of ayroun with a litul water & bete hit wel to gyder with a sklyse, set it over the fyre & boyle hit, & whan the hatte arysith to gone over take it a doun & kele it & whan it is thus claryfyed do hit to that other with suger and spyces, salt it & loke it be stondyng, florysch hit with white colyaundre in confyt and serve hit forth.

Source [ Forme of Cury , Samuel Pegge (ed.)]: Payn Fondew. XX.II. XIX. Take brede and frye it in grece oþer in oyle, take it and lay it in rede wyne. grynde it with raisouns take hony and do it in a pot and cast þerinne gleyres of ayrenn wiþ a litel water and bete it wele togider with a sklyse. set it ouer the fires and boile it. and whan the hatte arisith to goon ouer, take it adoun and kele it, and whan it is þer clarified; do it to the oþere with sugur and spices. salt it and loke it be stondyng, florish it with white coliaundre in confyt.