This is a very nice custard with a flavor resembling that of pumpkin pie.

Country: England Century: 16th

Beat egg, put through strainer into milk/cream. Heat over low heat and stir. Grind saffron with salt. Add spices to milk/egg mixture. When hot add sugar. Stir until thick. Pour into room temperature bowl (glass/metal), and put that bowl on ice. Continue to stir until thick (using a hand mixer gives the custard a wonderful even texture). Refrigerate if necessary. Garnish with dates and currants.

Original Recipe Sources

Source [ The Good Housewife's Jewell , T. Dawson]: To make a Custard. Breake your Egges into a bowle, and put your Creame into another bowle, and straine your egges into the creame, and put in saffron, Cloves and mace, and a little synamon and ginger, and if you will some Suger and butter, and season it with salte, and melte your butter, and stirre it with the Ladle a good while, and dubbe your custard with dates and currans.