This recipe is a scaled down version of the original period recipe, using appoximately the same ratios as the original. The resulting sausage has a wonderful rich and savory flavor. It can be eaten on its own, or is also wonderful with mustard. The recipe serves about six.

Country: Germany Century: 16th

Mix all ingredients together well and stuff into casing. The amount of water you will need to add will depend on the moisture level of your mixture. A wetter mixture, the easier it is to stuff into the casing. Too much water will make it hard to work with, though.

The original recipe recommends boiling the sausage until cooked (155°F). The sausage can also be baked or fried.

Original Recipe Sources

Source [ Das Kuchbuch der Sabina Welserin , T. Gloning (transcr.)]: 24 How one should make Zervelat. First take four pounds of pork from the tender area of the leg and two pounds of bacon. Let this be finely chopped and add to it three ounces of salt, one pound of grated cheese, one and one half ounces of pepper and one and one half ounces of ginger. When it is chopped then knead the following into it, one and one half ounces cinnamon, one fourth ounce of cloves, one fourth ounce of nutmeg and one ounce of sugar. The sausage skins must be cleaned and subsequently colored yellow, for which one needs not quite one fourth ounce of saffron. Tie it up on both ends and pour in approximately one quart of fresh water. The entire amount of salt, ginger and pepper should not be added, taste it first and season it accordingly. It should be cooked about as long as to cook eggs. The seasoning and the salt must be put into it according to one's own discretion, it must be tried first.