Plum Tart

Plum Tart

This is a delicious pie of fresh plums that is very easy to make.

Country: England, Germany Century: Early 16th

Mix sugar and spices together. Line a pie tin with a bottom crust. Sprinkle with some of the spice mixture. Cut the stones from the plums then lay them into the crust (I cut mine in half and lay them flesh down in the shell). Sprinkle the rest of the spices and butter on top of the plums. Cover with a top crust. Bake at 350°F for approximately 45-50 minutes.

Original Recipe Sources

Source [ A Book of Cookrye , Mark and Jane Waks (trans.)]: Tartes of Damsons with a cover. Lay in your Damson whole, and so season them with sugar, Sinamon & Ginger, and so lay on a cover.

Source [ Das Kuchbuch der Sabina Welserin , V. Armstrong (trans.)]: Another tart with fresh plums. Take the stones cleanly out and cut them open in the middle and make the tart and sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on the bottom crust and after that lay the plums as closely together as possible and put sugar and cinnamon on them again. Put also some butter thereon. Make after that the tart dough in the manner which is recorded in number [seventy].