Eles in Bruet

Eles in Bruet

Eles in Bruet

This is a well seasoned fish soup that is very tasty.

Country: Italy Century: 16th

Put bread and wine in a bowl and mix/mush with a fork until all the bread is broken up and the wine is milky colored. Strain out bread and put into a pot with water/broth and fish. Add remaining ingredients and simmer until eel has cooked. Serve hot.

Original Recipe Sources

Source [ Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books , T. Austin (ed.)]: Elis in Brewette. Recipe elis, & cut þam in gobyts & seth þam; & grind peper & saferon, mynt, percely, brede & ale, & temper it with þe broth, & bole it & serof.

Source [ Forme of Cury , Samuel Pegge (ed.)]: ELES IN BREWET. C. X. Take Crustes of brede and wyne and make a lyour, do þerto oynouns ymynced, powdour. & canel. & a litel water and wyne. loke þat it be stepid, do þerto salt, kerue þin Eelis & seeþ hem wel and serue hem forth.

Source [ Forme of Cury , Samuel Pegge (ed.)]: XV - FOR TO MAKE ELYS IN BRUET. They schul be flayn and ket in gobett' and sodyn and grynd peper and safroun other myntys and persele and bred and ale and temper it wyth the broth and boyle it and serve it forth.