This recipe has a robust and slightly spicy flavor to it. It is best served with stone-ground mustard.

Country: Denmark Century: Early 17th

Grind pork and beef and mix together until uniform. Add the remaining ingredients and enough water to make the meat easy to stuff into your sausage casing. Cook in whatever manner you wish (baking, grilling, frying, boiling).

*Liquid smoke is added to supplement the smoke flavor lost due to not being able to easily/readily smoke sausage.

Original Recipe Sources

Source [ Koge Bog , Martin Forest (trans.)]: XXI. Bratvurst at giøre. Tag Kiødet aff et Bøste/skær det vdi Stycker/læss Seenerne reent der aff. Dernest tag den tredie deel got mørt Oxekiød/oc hack vel smaat: Der effter hack de to Parter Suinekiød met Oxekiødet/saa det bliffuer tilsammen vel formengt/elt det vel tilhobe net Salt/groffstøttet Peber/halffstøtte Muskateblommer/Meyran/Timian/oc Dansk Kommen:Vdi de største slette Suinetarme skulle Pølserne giøris: Naar de nu ere fyldte/da skulle de stickis ned vdi reent vand/som henger offuer Ilden oc siuder/oc strax igien optagis/oc henges paa en Nats tid ved en varm Kackeloen at tørris/oc siden at hengis paa Røghuset/vdi kaald Røg/Saa bliffuer de spege/oc kunde ædis raa.

XXI - To Make bratvurst. Take the meat off the shoulder and cut it into pieces. Pull the ligaments well off. Thereafter take a third part good tender beef and chop well small. Thereafter chop the two parts pork meat with the beef so that they are well mixed. Mix it well iwth salt, crushed pepper, half-crushed nutmeg flowers, marjoram, thyme and danish cumin. The sausages should be made in the biggest pork intestines. When they are filled they should be put into clean water seething over the fire, and then quickly be taken out again and be hung overnight next to a warm oven to dry. And then be hung in the smoker in cold smoke. This way they are cured and can be eaten raw.