Almond Pudding

Almond Pudding

Almond Pudding

This almond pudding is an excellent addition to any dessert selection.

Country: England, Germany Century: 14th-16th

Heat almond milk and add cream. Add sugar and rosewater at simmer. When simmering again add gelatin. When thoroughly mixed, refrigerate for about 4 hours. When pudding sets (it will still be a bit thin to our modern idea of pudding), place in serving bowl and sprinkle with sugar.

Original Recipe Sources

Source [ Delights for Ladies , Hugh Plat]: To make Leach of Almonds. Take halfe a pound of sweet Almonds, and beat them in a mortar; then strain them with a pint of sweet milke from the cow; then put to it one graine of musk, 2 spoonfuls of Rose-water, two ounces of fine sugar, the weight of 3 whole shillings of isinglass that is very white, and so boyle them; and let all run thorow a strainer: then may you slice the same, and so serve it.

Source [ Das Kuchbuch der Sabina Welserin , T. Gloning (transcr.)]: To make a good almond pudding. Then pound the almonds well, put them in a bowl and pour good cream therein, not too much. Whip the almond paste very well, so that it becomes smooth, put sugar therein and allow it to cook for a short while. When you serve it sprinkle sugar on top, then it is a lordly pudding. Take three fourths of a pound for a dish.

Source [ Das Kuchbuch der Sabina Welserin , T. Gloning (transcr.)]: To make a good almond pudding. Take the almonds and pound them as small as you can. Afterwards take the almonds and grind them until they become smooth, and stir in a little butter and a good portion of rose water, until you think that the thickness is right. Put it into a dish and leave it there and serve it cold. Put sugar into it, then it is ready.

Source [ Das Kuchbuch der Sabina Welserin , T. Gloning (transcr.)]: To make an almond pudding. Take a half pound of almonds and pound them as small as you can. After that hollow out two Semmel and soak them in sweet cream and stir it all together and put rose water thereon, then it is a good cold pudding.

Source [ Forme of Cury , Samuel Pegge (ed.)]: Creme Of Almaundes. XX.IIII. V. Take Almaundes blaunched, grynde hem and drawe hem up thykke, set hem ouer the fyre & boile hem. set hem adoun and spryng hem wicii Vyneger, cast hem abrode uppon a cloth and cast uppon hem sugur. whan it is colde gadre it togydre and leshe it in dysshes.

Source [ Forme of Cury , Samuel Pegge (ed.)]: L - FOR TO MAKE AN EGGE DOWS. Tak Almaundys and mak god mylk and temper wyth god wyneger clene tak reysynys and boyle hem in clene water and tak the reysynis and tak hem owt of the water and boyle hem wyth mylk and zyf thow wyl colowr yt wyth safron and serve yt forth.

Source [ A Noble Boke off Cookry , Robina Napier (ed.)]: To mak creme of almonds tak blanched almondes and grind them up and temper them up akurd thik mylk with faire water drawe it into the pot and sett it on the fyere and stirre it welle when it begynnethe to rise / and ye have to myche put ther to a dishefulle of venygar if ther be alitille putt ther in the lesse hille the pot and let it stand awhile then tak a clene cloth and hold it abrod betweene iiij men strait cast the creme there in and rube it undirnethe the clothe with a ladille toward and froward with the egge of the ladille to draw out the watter then gadur it to gedur unto the myddle of the clothe then bind the corners to gedur and hong it upon a pyne and let the water run out then put it in a bolle and temper it up withe wyne and bruse it with a saucer as soft as ye wille and serue it.

Source [ Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books , T. Austin (ed.)]: xj - Froyde almoundys. Take blake sugre, an cold water, an do hem to (Note: two.) in a fayre potte, an let hem boyle to-gedere, an salt it an skeme it clene, an let it kele; than take almaundys, an blawnche hem clene, an stampe hem, an draw hem, with the sugre water thikke y-now, in-to a fayre vessel: an yf the mylke be no3t swete y-now, take whyte sugre an caste ther-to.